London’s top clubs leaving global footprint

The three biggest football clubs in London, Chelsea F.C., Arsenal F.C. and Tottenham Hotspur F.C. each are making a splash in the global search world. Chelsea is the most successful club of the three as far as objective football success, whereas many would consider Arsenal the “biggest” club of the three.


This trend map shows the three clubs compared in searches worldwide since the start of this season (August 13, 2016). In blue is Chelsea, red is Arsenal, and yellow is Tottenham. The major spikes occur on days where the clubs play other big clubs in England. The first red spike was the same day that Arsenal lost 4-3 to Liverpool. The largest blue spike was when Chelsea eviscerated beat Manchester United, one of football’s giants, 4-0.


This map shows which search term is the most popular in each country. Chelsea is most popular in North America, Central America, and the northern portion of South America. Chelsea dominates the Middle East and parts of Western Africa as well. Arsenal, however, is the primary term of search in Europe and Russia as well as Australia and Argentina.


Within the city of London, Arsenal seems to be the most dominant topic of search, despite their less than impressive performance this season. Chelsea and Tottenham are neck-and-neck, but both are significantly behind Arsenal.

Photo courtesy of UK Home Office – Flickr


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